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Ok so you want to get to know me? well here it is.Im 47 single and I live in Ukiah Ca a middle sized city about 3 hrs north of Sanfransisco.I've lived here since I was 18 yrs old. I am currently out of work and live off of ssi short for social security income which really means you wont be getting to know me for my money lol. Right now Im an open book what you see is what you get, I do not pretend to be anyone Im not. I honestly dont do much I watch alot of tv,I love to sit back and take my chance on casino slot machines. barhopping just once or twice a month. If you like going out and doing things Im all for it I dont do all that much  simply because Im alone right now. Im a heavy set man over 300 lbs.Sorry but I am not a hunk, though I wouldnt mind if you tried turning me into 1. I love classic rock from ACDC to Fleetwood Mac.TV:Married with children WWE Jerry Springer all Star Trek and too many other shows to mention. Fav Movies Stripes Doom and its a mad mad mad mad World a very old and funny race for the money type movie.Im looking for single woman from age 25 to 47 race doesnt matter to me at all, all that matters is you  is that your looking for a serious relationship and speaks english. So with all that siad if your serousily interested in hooking up with me, my yahoo id is froggersim and bitsim please when sending me messages let me know right off where you got my yahoo ids so that I would know what to say in respons

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A MST3K video clip where a guy and  2 robots are forced into watching bad movies  by a couple of crazies.

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